Fallout 4 VR and Further DLC Updates

Fallout 4 is an extremely popular game that receives a lot of good feedback and a great number of players. However, there is a lot of hope regarding the upcoming VR version of the game that would include the DLC packs that have been released over the past years.

It was stated by a Bathesda representative that the VR version of Fallout 4 is going to include the core game only when it is released for HTC Vive in October. The company confirmed that they are focusing on the core game experience for virtual reality and later on they will be looking for alternatives to integrate the DLC.

Ever since its release in 2016, Fallout 4 has received a total of six content-based add-ons. Some of these content-based add-ons, like Far Harbor and Automatron added new story-based missions for its players, as well as other new areas waiting to be explored. Others focused on expanding the Fallout’s 4 workshop mode that enabled its players to build their own homes and live in the wasteland.

Moreover, a pack integrating all of the DLC for a reduced price will be released a month before the VR port and it will be a Game of the Year Edition of the traditional game. However, even without the DLC that is highly-anticipated, Fallout 4 will offer plenty of content to its players, which is a lot compared to any other VR game that came before it. The full price of the game is $59.99 and since it has been around for almost two years, it is quite a shame the complete package will not be delivered.

On the other hand, games like Bathesda’s PSVR port, Skyrim VR for PlayStation VR, are going to include all DLC which was released in the past. This announcement was made at E3 back in June.

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