Fallout 4 Content Club Beta Available

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Earlier this summer, Bathesda made an announcement regarding the Creation Club for Skyrim and Fallout 4, which can be considered a compromise response to the negative backlash against the paid mods scheme Valve attempted to roll out back in 2015. The main idea is that mods are going to stay free and open system, but the Creation Club content is going to require credits, that can only be purchased with money.

Some opinions revolve around the idea that this fact is not necessarily a bad idea; on the contrary, paid mods have the potential to make matters better for everyone. Some agreed and stated that it is not reasonable to think about mods the same way players think about games, because some of the mods are free, while others require money and players can choose whatever works in their favor.

At the moment, the Creation Club is live and in beta, but is planned to be released very soon for Fallout 4 and Skyrim is planned for September. Bathesda confirmed that Creation Club content (new items, abilities, and gameplay) is fully compatible with the main game, the official add-ons and achievements. The company added that Creation Club is only available for Fallout 4, but it will be arriving to Skyrim Special Edition next month. Bathesda did not forget to mention that the content works on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and those mods will remain open system and free where every player can create and share what they like.

In order to encourage potential customers, Bathesda is giving 100 credits for free, but that does not mean a lot since three Pin-boy paint jobs cost 50 credits each, or an Onyx power armor paint costs 100 credits. For anything else, things start to get a little more expensive. These credits can be purchased with the help of Steam at prices ranging from $8 (750 credits) to $40 (5500 credits).