Google Earth Download Available Best Features and Improvements

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The last version of Google Earth has introduced a lot of interesting features such as 3D images, some video content and more!

Google Earth works on Chrome desktop and on Android.

Here are the 5 options you can try on Google Earth:

  1. 3D Maps

Unlike the early versions, the new Google Earth will allow you to see the whole world in 3D format by clicking 3D on the low right corner and activating it or deactivating it to the 2D option. The transition is quick, allowing you travel from a dimension to another.

  1. David Attenborough’s Narration

Yes, you read correctly! You’ll listen to his epic voice and narration because Google Earth partnered with BBC Earth and now you can see short videos at the right of the Earth View. You can hear information on the places that are narrated or you can read some content if you’re searching for underwater places to visit.

  1. Hemingway’s Hangouts

If you’re into travelling on the footprints of artists, then search for the “Voyage” tab in Google Earth. That’s the place where you can take virtual tours through some places such as Samburu National Reserve, Kenya or Galapagos Islands and any other heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

  1. Browse Ancient Historical Sites

If you like historical places then you should go to the “Voyage” tab and then “History”, “Lost Civilizations from Above”. There you’ll be able to see ancient architecture and ancient relics. You can see pyramids, the Stonehenge and more, without leaving your country. You can use the tours for educational purposes too.

  1. I’m Feeling Lucky

Google Earth has borrowed the “I’m feeling lucky” feature and by choosing it you’ll be prompted a random interesting place. Call it a distraction or an out of the blue trip, but we think that this option is great, teaching you and showing you new places every day.