Interested in the New Volvo XC40? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Volvo has recently introduced to the market its new entry-level SUV, the XC40.
This model of a small SUV is aimed primarily at urban drivers and to a younger demographic.
It takes some of its stylish features from the Swedish firm’s more upmarket estate cars, the XC90 and XC60 SUVs. This is why it is said to be more stylish than any of its closest rivals, such as the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Range Rover Evoque, and Audi Q3. How does the XC40 fare in terms of performance and safety?

Design Features
As a first entry into the small SUV segment, the XC40 measures 4425 mm long, which is 263 mm shorter than the XC60 and 525 mm shorter than the XC90.
Despite it being small and compact, Volvo boss Håkan Samuelsson describes it as a representation of a “fresh, creative and distinctive new member of the Volvo line-up”.
It features a steel bodywork, including the hood and lift kit, multilink rear setup, and a strut front suspension.
The car has a 432-litre trunk space, which is less than that of the Volkswagen Tiguan but a little more than the Evoque.
What makes up the set of standard equipment for the XC40 are the sat-nav, 9-inch touchscreen, Spotify, and a mobile phone app that can serve as a remote control. LED headlights and 18-inch alloys are the two external features of the new SUV.

Driving Safety and Handling
Parking the XC40 is made easier with a portrait-oriented touchscreen that is flanked on either side by slim air vents. The screen will show a 360-degree image of the vehicle and its surroundings allowing a driver to easily maneuver into tight parking spaces.
Along with this feature are the run-off road protection and mitigation and a cross-traffic alert with automatic braking.
The XC40 also comes with the semi-autonomous driving technology with Pilot Assist that is featured in other Volvo vehicles. This ensures that the preset speed or distance relative to a vehicle ahead is maintained. It also helps steer the vehicle in its lane.
But the biggest highlight on safety is the latest generation of City Safety that is integrated into the XC40. The feature will help motorists steer clear of low-speed collisions.

Basically, all XC40s will have:
• Automated emergency braking
• Collision-avoidance system that comes with pedestrian detection
• Oncoming-lane mitigation
• Rear cross traffic alert system

The IntelliSafe system that includes the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist is optional.

Performance Features

In the United States, the XC40 will be launched with two powertrains – T4 and T5. Using the turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine from Volvo, the former will have a front drive, while the latter will have an all-wheel drive via the rear axle’s part-time Haldex clutch.
The power of the powertrains will range from 150hp to 250hp.
A manual gearbox will not be offered in the US, so the standard will be an 8-speed automatic gearbox.
Pricing for the T4 Momentum and T5 Momentum will kick off at $34,195 and $36,195, respectively. The former will not be available until later next year.

This vehicle is ideal for anyone looking to own an SUV minus the humungous size that will require a bigger garage space. With a storage space that almost rivals a standard SUV, it is perfect for long road trips where lots of stuff need to be crammed in the back.
With new safety features, it will help ensure its young market will stay safe on the road.

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