In the Upcoming Gran Turismo Sport roars the Peugeot L750 R HYBRID

The Peugeot, which is one of the real life automakers to participate in the game franchise Gran Turismo has just released their newest concept car hybrid which will be available for use on the upcoming newest version of the franchise that is to be released this month.

The concept car is so aptly named Peugeot L750 R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo. It boasts a total horsepower of 750 from a gas engine that can gun up to 580 horsepower with a 10,000 rpm, combined with a 170 horsepower electric motor that is lithium-ion powered.

This is an upgrade of another concept car they rolled out for Gran Turismo before which was called the L500 R. It has an engine system that amounts to 500 horsepower. It was also a hybrid type composed of a gas engine, with two electric motors.

Both the L750 R and the L500 R will be playable on the up-coming racing game platform. The difference between the two includes the difference of 386 pounds in weight, with the L750 R being the lighter and having an advantage of 0.1 second in acceleration rate.

The concept car L750 R has its whole engine system along with its gearbox placed on the rear axle in order to facilitate a more efficient system. This is coupled with a suspension system that automatically adjusts in height in accordance with the car’s speed allowing for sharper turns and better traction. It has magnesium wheels and a carbon fiber body and is fitted with dual-circuit hydraulic breaks that make for an efficient deceleration.

Car and gaming enthusiasts will be able to test out both concept supercars when the game Grand Turismo Sport, which is the newest Grand Turismo version, shells out this coming October 17.

Grand Turismo Sport like it past versions is a racing game that features different supercars that are available in real life as well as supercars that are designed in concept. Players can choose from 177 cars and can race on 19 different locations. In addition to the Peugeot cars, players can also expect for the first time to be able to drive Porsche cars in this Grand Turismo series since Electronic Arts just lost exclusivity for the Porsche brand.

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