The Porsche Passport: Subscribe and Drive

In the ever changing landscape of how people travel, Porsche has hatch a new service that would definitely delight any car enthusiasts that hears about it. It is called the Porsche Passport. This new type of service offered by Porsche is similar to that of Cadillac’s ‘Book by Cadillac’, which is a rental service wherein the monthly subscription will the cost the subscriber $1500. The subscriber will be allowed to have 18 swaps within a year between the product lines specified by Cadillac. This service is only limited to the New York City area.

Similarly, the Porsche Passport requires the users to pay $2000 per month and choose between the eight different variants for this basic subscription. But unlike Cadillac there is no limit unto the number of swaps the subscriber can have yet. This subscription fee already includes fees such as taxes, registration fees, and insurance fees.

Before you can avail of this service by Porsche you still have to undergo a background check and a credit rating check and pass both. After passing these you will also need to pay $500 for membership activation into this transport service.

If you are not satisfied with only being able to swap and use between 8 Porsche cars, you have the option to bump up your subscription to their premium one known as the ‘Accelerate’ plan. With this premium plan you have the option of choosing between a total of 22 different variants. This includes their well-loved 911 and Panamera. With that many variants to choose from you’ll definitely have your fill for the sports car experience.

You will need to download an app from Porsche where you will choose and order your chosen variant from. All you need to do is to tell Porsche when and where you want their car to be delivered and they’ll drive the car right there for you with no additional charges. Imagine all of that work done for you using just the tip of your fingers and the power of the Porsche cars is yours to harness. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping I don’t know what will.

The service is limited only for the Atlanta area, but they will be expanding to other markets soon depending on the results of this test market.

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