Let’s Take a Look at the All New Gran Turismo Sport

If you are big on graphics, then the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport will be a game that satisfies that need. The previews of the game tell us what an eye candy the game will be. The car takes are as real as life shots and taken at sceneries that are even more real. GT Sport being the 7th iteration of the game franchise is definitely an improvement from its latest predecessor the Gran Turismo 6, with new supercars available that are not previously seen by the previous Game versions.

There are over a hundred and fifty cars available for gameplay in this upcoming racing game and if that doesn’t excite you then you don’t know what’s good from bad. It is not that the Gran Turismo Sport offers the most number of car options available to play with, it is that the Gran Turismo franchise is known to include only the most respectable names in the real world car industry.

The players will have the option of pitting the cars against each other in more than 15 real world locations and more than 25 layouts. You can already tell that playing each and every car on each and every location and layout plus getting good at it is not going to be easy and will probably take a long time, but you also know it’s all going to be worth it.

This is especially true because the game will heavily be a car simulation by default like all the other Gran Turismo games and only upon the request of the player can the Assist Presets option be activated. This feature enables a varying degree of computer assistance to control the car when playing the game – depending on your difficulty settings.

The game will offer the players a way to heavily customize each car in the game from the engine down to decals you want to use. An exterior color makeover is done through something called the livery editor. More customization can also be unlocked through a way called a mileage exchange where the player has the option of swapping the racing mileage he or she has incurred in exchange for more personalize customizations.

One more important thing to point out is that when playing the game, make sure your PS4 is connected to the Internet. You can still play the game offline, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the game features if you do so.

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