Luxury Pickup Trucks: The Road’s New Lion

There has been a rumble in the ground felt by many car enthusiasts and the ones causing the ground to shake this time are the US pickup trucks. The increase in price that the market is seeing is the precedent of the pickup truck becoming a luxury item from being more of a utility vehicle. Pickup trucks are reported to have been fitted with a bit more high-end amenities than the usual by various manufacturers in a move to peddle this particular design model to the higher markets.

And although this move seems to add beauty to the pickup truck model, it does not take away the basic fact that these babies are still rugged vehicles that are able to do moderate to heavy chores that cannot be rivaled by their SUV counterparts.

Pickup Trucks are Practical

The obvious reason would be its ability to haul concrete, dirt, and the like due to its primary open-bed design. Thus, the pickup truck being marketed as an all-purpose, semi-industrial vehicle that can venture uneven terrain won’t go away anytime soon. This is also due to the fact that Americans love their pickup trucks due to its amazing flexibility. In fact a lot use them to haul out their boats, trailers, and whatnots – truly a valuable utility for various popular hobbies.

Kelley Blue Book, a vehicle valuation and research company that camps in California recently stated that the average pickup truck price surpasses the base price of some of the known luxury SUVs.

This upgraded pickup trucks start at around $50,000, which is more than what a Lexus RX or Mercedes GLC might each cost.

There has been a previous move in the not so distant past to peddle luxury pickup trucks in the US. Ford for example, with their Lincoln Blackwood and Cadillac’s Escalade EXT- both have tried but have not found their intended market.


The pickup truck having a naturally big frame could make going electric possible since it’ll be able to house all that battery needed. Whatever the direction the car market trend is going, we are sure that the pickup truck will weather the storm and possible dominate, with Ford, GMC, and Ram at the helm.

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