Subcompact Cars Upgraded to Increase Relevance

The size of a subcompact car is a result of the growth of compact cars over the years in the car manufacturing industry. Just over two decades ago what is considered as a compact car is now the size of a subcompact one. The increase in size of the compact car is due to the natural growth of the size of cars that is consumer-led. Throughout the years, people kept on demanding bigger and bigger sized cars. An example reason would be the appeal of having a larger trunk and a larger leg room as opposed to cars with barely space enough just to let passengers breathe.

Compact cars are the choice for consumers who have small families or even those who have to constantly travel alone but have to have room for luggage or cargo. A subcompact car just won’t have a lot to offer on that area. However, there are instances where a subcompact car would be better for you – like if there are fuel economy and tight budget concerns.

What are the new technologies being added to this segment?

In a move to make subcompact cars more relevant in a world awakening to the wonders of technology, a lot of automakers are adding more features to their subcompact car models in terms of technology.

This is also a response to the rising demand by consumers to have better equipment in their subcompacts. The leading automakers making this move are Volkswagen and Ford. Risking failure, their move to modernize their subcompact models paid off well with a palpable increased in sales.

In the Ford Fiesta, you will be able to use an adaptive cruise control system and an automatic braking system, which are just 2 out of 15 driver assistance tech features.

Such are the features that other automakers such as VW, Nissan, Toyota and more have adopted into their subcompact models. As the world grows accustomed to the comforts offered by better technology so must the car industry be able to readily meet that need.

One trivial detail with regards to the modernization of subcompact cars is the prevalence of consumers choosing the very low-tech manual transmission over the automatic transmission option.

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