Volvo’s Polestar is in it for the Long Haul

Volvo in Latin means “I roll”, such is the name aptly used by the original Swedish founders of the company. Volvo Cars is no longer associated with AB Volvo since it was sold to Ford Motor Company back in 1999. The latest owner of Volvo Cars is now Geely Holding Group, which bought the company from Ford back in 2010.

What is Polestar all about?

The Polestar a subsidiary of Volvo Cars currently is in charge of developing performance cars – particularly electric high-performance cars, and as well as upgrading and revamping up the current Volvo models. Their electric cars are aimed to compete with Tesla motors and with BMW products.

Their upcoming hybrid coupe the Polestar 1 is a 600 horsepower beast that is due to roll out this mid-2019. It boasts of traversing a distance of up to 150km (93 miles) on a single electric charge. That is the standing record for the longest range a hybrid car that is currently up for grabs can travel without charging.

After this beauty comes out in the market, the Polestar 2 which is a high-performance full-electric Sedan will begin shipping out late of 2019. If that’s not enough for you, then know that an SUV version will follow suit named as the Polestar 3.

This production of electric vehicles is no mere coincidence as Volvo has recently expressed that it will be focus only on electric vehicle designs for all its new models from 2019 to 2021.

How to Buy

The way Polestar is going to market their products is somewhat radical. They have decided to do away with the traditional car ownership model, wherein the customer would pay for the car via cash or credit loan opting instead for a more radical way to sell car ownership.

Polestar plans to offer their products on a two to three year subscription basis. The customers won’t need a deposit to own the car for the agreed tenure but must pay an agreed upon monthly fee. With this monthly fee, the following freebies are already included – delivery, maintenance, insurance, and the ability to rent other Volvo or Polestar cars.

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