Secret Driving Car From Apple Is Based On Autonomous Systems

Revolutionary technologies have never failed to impress people all over the world until today. This time, it is about Project Titan, Apple’s self-driving car, which looks different than it was the last time. Well, Apple Chief Tim Cook has confirmed that the company has been working on autonomous systems for cars, which has earned some buzz on the Web these days.

Basically, the said car seems to be outfitted with standard third-party hardware and sensors. Tech lovers should get more excited with the 6 Velodyne-made light-ranging and detection radar units (LiDAR) sensors, some cameras, and radar units. The LiDAR has been considered an essential part of the technology required to deploy self-driving cars en masse. Of course, all these are wrapped in a white plastic believed to be derived from Apple’s design.

In fact, a video of the said vehicle has been taken by the co-founder of self-driving startup Voyage, MacCallister Higgins. However, a comparison between this car and the self-driving minivan of Waymo has revealed something. While Waymo streamlined its sensors that match the body of the car, Apple has perched its sensors on its roof like a cargo carrier.

In a Tweet by Higgins on the social media app, the executive tweeted that the car used was the Lexus sports utility vehicle. This was filled with autonomous hardware and sensors. Thus, a video showed only the equipment on top of the roof, which has been deemed the most important detail.

Apple might have future plans regarding the design of the self-driving car they already released publicly. It can be recalled earlier in the year that the company was given the permission to test it on the public roads of California. In a report from the New York Times, Apple was going to test its autonomous car tech in order to transport employees between buildings in its campus.

Moreover, aside from building a new car from scratch, it has changed focus to the construction of autonomous software in which Apple could develop this new vehicle with existing car manufacturers. This should be something that people should look forward to in the near future.

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