Choose only one: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7 vs Project CARS 2

This year has so far been an exciting year for racing and gaming fans worldwide. There has been a spectacular race going on among the best racing games that money can buy and it has been seriously brewing since Project Cars 2 release their contender for the race. The move by Projects Cars 2 of releasing their own game after two of the most sought out games – Forza and GT, is gutsy but they did not come unprepared.

Let us take a quick look on how each and every one of these racing games stack up to each other.

These games are not the kind of racing games that just allow you clumsily step on the accelerator and off your car goes bumping and swerving without note nor care about the other very real factors that stack up during a real race. These games are what you might call simulator games wherein they take heavily into consideration everything that might affect a car as it races through the road.

If you are new to this type of game, you might expect that these titles would be much like every other car games out there, but once you will get to try any of the games you will quickly find out that these games are not the ones you want if you are just a starting out with racing games.

Between the three, Project Cars 2 will probably be the hardest one to play with if you are a beginner since there is no outright option to let the game system assist you. Both Forza and Gran Turismo have a game feature that allows the game to do some of the heavy lifting for the players if they choose to.

If the number of cars available that can be driven is the most important thing for you then you might want to choose Forza Motorsport and their 700 car models. At second place comes Project Cars 2 with 180 cars and at last place is Gran Turismo with only 150 plus cars. Take note that every car will feel different to drive with just like in real life.

To complement the number of cars let us talk about the number of race tracks for each game.

Project Cars 2 comes out on top with 60 venues and 130 layouts and Forza trials in second place, with 32 courses and 200 variations. While at the last place comes along Gran Turismo at 17 locations and 28 layouts.

Whichever game you choose, remember that these are simulator games that come with the needed concepts to race in real life.

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