The All New Audi A7 Sportback Has Arrived Earlier Than Expected

The Audi A7 Sportback has finally been revealed to the public ahead of its official 2018 arrival. This was intended as Audi was planning to go on sale early next year.

Its design was taken from the new Audi A8 by adopting the latest platform from the MLB Evo. However, it is a bit shorter than its predecessor. Both cars have identical height and width, nonetheless.

Moreover, the design is an evidently visible evolution from the previous A7 Sportback with several modifications. Basically, its front-end has been taken heavily from the new A8, but its grille is lower and wider, with its headlights narrower.

In terms of innovations, Audi is set to unlock light animations that are fast-moving whenever doors are unlocked. The company, however, retained the rear spoiler when it reaches speeds of over 75Mph.

The new release offers several more features, which indicate that it is actually new. In fact, it enables you to remotely park it and drives itself in traffic with its level 3 autonomy to arrive in 2018. It also has a 48-volt electrical system that would switch off the engine at coast, harvesting kinetic energy when you slow down.

In addition, the computer would take over as you turn, twisting the front wheels in appropriate amounts. With the engine shutting down when coasting, the smart steering and screens wouldn’t turn off. Also, the start-stop system would kill the engine when the speed of the car will drop below 14Mph, saving more fuel as well as urban emissions.

The engines fitted to the A7 would use some hybrid tech, 6 cylinders on a 48V hybrid system. This tech also improves the fuel consumption by at least 10%. It also has regenerative braking, feeding the lithium ion battery and starter generator.

All A7 Sportsbacks would come with Quattero 4-wheel drive, but it only sends power to front wheels when required. Meanwhile, 4-wheel steering has also been made available in order to boost the agility. Buyers would also get 4 suspension setups to choose from, such as the sports suspension lowered by 10mm, standard steel springs, self-leveling air suspension, and adaptive damper system.

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