Upcoming Redesign Of Infiniti QX80 Gets Customers More Excited Than Ever

The new Infiniti QX80 Monograph from Nissan was unveiled at the New York Auto Show earlier in 2017. On the other hand, the production date will be revealed at the Dubai Motor Show. Nevertheless, Infiniti has allowed the audience to take a glimpse of its new flagship sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The design was derived from the QX60 and QX30 models, which neither had the slim headlights nor the chunky grills. However, the new prototype will be designed from the Monograph-inspired model.

Although this will be a new release, it doesn’t mean that it will be an all new SUV. In fact, according to Infiniti head Roland Krueger, the new model will still utilize the Nissan Patrol platform which dated back to 2011. Moreover, it would still use the V8, 5.6-liter, and 7-speed automatic transmission. Alternatively, the company might add a V-6 turbocharged engine to the lineup, which will be categorized in the smaller engine option.

The Infiniti QX80 will still release a few more teasers in the coming weeks before it will be finally revealed in November 14, 2017. As the Dubai Auto Show is fast approaching, more features are expected to be revealed to the public.

Such would include the signature headlights of Infiniti called the Human Eye, along with its imposing physique. In addition, the Infiniti might apply the floating roofline to the pillars of its windshield, which many customers would want in the Monograph concept.

Although other features are still to be revealed, Infiniti has promised to build a luxurious cabin along with its handcrafted elements. The new model didn’t feature the interior, so there is nothing to reveal as of the moment for the excited fans out there.

The upcoming V8-powered engine in the QX80 is not as surprising as you can imagine because the 5.6-liter V8 currently in the QX80 also has been installed at the Titan’s hood. However, the engine type of the Infiniti has not been revealed just yet. Perhaps it would make up for the body-on-frame platform of the current SUV.

The 2018 QX80 will debut in the U.S. later in the November 2017 at the L.A. Auto Show, which many people are expected to take the show by storm.

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