Exciting 6 All New Models are in the Works from Mitsubishi

The same with most car manufacturers out there, a new year means a new opportunity to expand. While some have not confirmed any of their plans yet for 2018, Mitsubishi is already giving us details on their expansion strategy for the next 3 years. From a profit margin of 0.3%, they want to increase that up to 6% or more. They are also aiming to boost sales revenue by selling 1.3 mil cars or more. And although this would mean an investment of around $5 billion, they are intent on gaining 30% more revenue.

They will also have to decrease manufacturing and R&D costs while focusing on how to boost current markets. To do that, they are planning to introduce 6-all new models in the coming 3 years. How exciting is that for us, car buyers?

Here are some of the anticipated new Mitsubishi models, with two already shown in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The first one is the Eclipse Cross where it first debuted in Europe this fall and then to the US next. Its design is aggressively unique and is aimed to attract crossover buyers.

The second new Mitsubishi new model is the Xpander which is great for families and groups since it is designed as a minivan.

The third one, which we are now guessing, would most probably get a Pajero like inspiration since the company is aiming to get more slice from the CUV market. A full size crossover is just the best bet since other car manufacturers like Subaru and Volkswagen have already entered this segment.

Remaining 3 new Mitsubishi new models

These we just have to guess from their current lineups along with the fact that they expect to get 70% of their revenue from truck, SUV and hybrid sales.

Their subcompact and midsize variants are covered due to the Outlander and Mirage models so their next new models will probably be a full size crossover that comes in full lineup. They may also come up with specialty crossovers or another sporty model that will be alongside the e-Evolution variant. Or they may possibly tap outside markets such as China or India and create a design that will best fit buyers there.

Whatever their designs in the future, we are surely excited on what kind of fresh models Mitsubishi will bring.

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