McLaren to Reveal the All New P15 Supercar Soon!

As one of the companies that attracts car enthusiasts with millions at their disposal, it’s not surprising that McLaren is going to come up with yet another supercar. And it’s not just super in terms of features and design, it is also in the million plus price range which makes it all the more precious for avid fans of the brand.

The luxury car company is set to release the P15 for next year’s spring and aims to compete with other bigwigs such as the successor of Ferrari’s LaFerrari and the Aston Martin’s Valkyrie.

Of course, the P15 is expected to be more robust than its P1 predecessor and since the price point for that car is $1.15 mil, it is safe to say that the P15 will be priced higher than that.

McLaren’s P15 supercar design

Even if the P15’s styling is still a well-kept secret, rumor has it that it will most probably sport a Le Mans-like design, with a body made of carbon-fiber. And although there are whispers that it may take inspiration from the 720S, it might also be possible that the British car maker will opt for an all brand new design.

Autocar has dubbed it to have a brutal design and will provide a high value driver experience. It aims to finish a track as quickly as possible and because of that, can be difficult when used for daily driving.

Currently, P15 numbers are assigned to those who currently own McLaren cars with production expected to be almost the same as the P1 at only 375 build from 2013-2015.

Some sources say that there will be a private viewing for current McLaren owners before this year ends. Those who are potential buyers with the capacity to pay will be invited too but the rest of us will just have to wait.

Regardless of how much we want to view its final design, it won’t be until the 2018 Geneva Motor Show that we are likely to witness this new supercar. For now, we can be sure that it will be one of the most powerful supercar that the British car company has ever built.

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