Ford Escape Quick Review: Giving More Options For Smart Buyers

The 2017 Ford Escape is the company’s first vehicle to have the Auto Start-Stop technology standard. Such a technology has enabled the car to shut off the engine at common stops, so the car wouldn’t burn gas or produce tailpipe emissions. It can also automatically restart when the brake pedal would be released.

When it comes to cabin and styling layout, the Ford Escape Titanium can still turn heads just like the Ford Focus. This means that you will also find the improved Sync 3 from the Ford to get the intended infotainment system working.  Likewise, it is better than the older Ford products or even the MyFord Touch.

More importantly, under the hood, the new Escape has a 2-liter EcoBoost that is unbelievably peppy. However, Ford engineers should have considered keeping the torque steer down. This is because the car will pull the wheels toward the right during heavy throttle.

Although steering is generally light and okay, it would matter if you have the lane keep assist active, which has been found to be unresponsive and intrusive. Perhaps it would matter also on the road surface where you would drive the Escape, which could make your system less responsive.

Nevertheless, it is among the most fun to drive if you are particular about speed. Additionally, the suspension is generally soft and intended for pothole duty. Just look out for some roll and dive action when driving the car on uneven road surfaces.

The 2017 Ford Escape also has a larger upper grille compared to the old model. The foglight cutouts might be smaller also, but the whole package seemingly looks better to most people.

When you look at the cabin, you’ll notice that it is decently comfortable and well-equipped. More so, the leather seats feel more rigid, while buttons and finishes feel average.

In the small sports utility vehicle category, you will love the Escape. However, if you are bound by cheaper options, then you could choose another one in this segment. Other cars might even look more upscale or feel bigger on the inside, but they are a bit more expensive.

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