FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser Might Just Be the Next Hot Classic SUV

When it comes to classic sports utility vehicle (SUV), the FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser has become an attraction in collector circles. In fact, the value of this 4×4 is observed to be steadily going up.

The FJ60 has also become an evolutionary step in the history of Land Cruisers, as it couples the mechanics of the older FJ40 trucks. It has a bigger and more modern interior, combined with the beefy 4.2-liter inline-6s. It also has a lot of ground clearance, in which the 60-Series TLCs have retained the off-road chops despite rear overhangs from their predecessors. Moreover, due to their spacious interiors, they have become popular alternatives to domestic SUVs, not to mention plenty of capacity with folding rear seats.

You can almost tell from the results of auctions that the FJ60 has become far more mainstream in the collector car community. This is despite being a cult item in the 1980s. After being passed up as tired suburban fare in the 1980s by classic dealers, such Land Cruisers are quickly following the direction of the Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

This is also almost visualizing that specialists such as The FJ Company have now been restoring them. Although the Miami-based FJ Company has been skeptical about the potential of the 70s-Series trucks, 60s-Series TLCs might have greater interest in these markets.

Here are possible factors pointing out to the growth of the FJ60’s demand.

  • Cars and values have gone up
  • There is a great following overlapping the 4×4 community and the Toyota classic truck community
  • Nostalgia for 80s authentic cars has been sought with pushing demand even outside the community of traditional collector car

The interest for the FJ60 Land Cruisers might be in its early stages. However, carefully used examples generate between $15K and $22K regularly. This would depend on the equipment and specifications that you can see in famous auction sites.

Casual collectors can also have a chance with many clean driver examples around the $12K range. But, some hard-fought auctions go from $30K and beyond particularly for collectors with deep pockets.

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