More Tech and Advanced Features from Audi Q5 Second Drive this 2018

Already bursting with tech features when it first came out in 2008, the Audi Q5 luxury SUV is even more high-tech with a complete revamp when it comes out next year (2018). There’s the ‘program’ that can also be called as the ‘aggression meter’ (according to AutoWeek) – a digital system that predicts the outcome of the way a driver maneuvers the car and also analyzes their driving patterns.

The same with most SUVs, the Audi Q5 has an all-wheel drive which can take only 200 milliseconds to engage. By adjusting the Quattro system, the Q5 can properly predict what can happen on the pavement in advance at 500 milliseconds.

Features of the Audi Q5 SUV

It is faster from the previous Q5 (3.0-liter V6 engine) as it packs an improved 2.0 litter TFSI that makes 273 lb-ft of torque and 252 horsepower. Q5’s transmission is a 7 speed dual clutch paired with the all-wheel drive system called Quattro.

The same with several cars in its class, this Audi SUV has a decoupling prop shaft which enables the rear wheels to be released when not in use. In turn, an improved efficiency in highway and city driving results to a 25 mpg rating.

How does the Q5 compare to other cars of its class?

When it comes to sales, the Lexus RX remains a dominant player followed by the Cadillac XT5 and then the Audi Q5. Despite of that, this luxury SUV has moved around 5000 units last month (September) which means a lot for the overall sales of the German carmaker. In fact, the Q5 SUV now has 25% in terms of sales in the US market. Its investment in a new factory in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico is certainly paying off as it capitalizes on the hot midsize luxury crossover segment.

As for their performance, you can count on the Lexus for a more luxurious feel but if you want a sporty vehicle, the Audi Q5 is certainly the better option. Price points differ a bit as the Lexus starts at around $44,000 while the Q5 is at $42,000 only for the base and $50,000 for the Prestige. And if you count its ‘seeing into the future’ feature, you are certainly getting great value for your money.


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