What Do We Know About Gordon Murray New Sport Car?

McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray has a new trick off his sleeves. This time, he is launching a car company that manufactures sports cars. According to sources, Murray will be using the engineering principles that he designed for the McLaren F1 in the 1990s.

With this new plan of his, the new sports car will be meant for real-world conditions, which he means to bring not too much power. In an event held in the U.K., Murray released his first sketch of the new car he is working with on his new brand IGM.  Murray also stated that it will be lightweight and well-suited to your driving pleasure.

IGM is the acronym for Ian Gordon Murray, which he vows to bring back real driving, as today’s cars have lost the plot of involvement. This new sports car will not have a hybrid powertrain, but no further details were revealed by him.

Many people were wondering about this type of car Murray has been designing for his new company. However, there are speculations about this new sports car that he might have hinted when he said would apply the principles of McLaren F1.

Thus, there is a huge possibility that he will build something with the following details along with it.


  • Lightweight car design
  • Use of modern technology and raw materials
  • Application of advanced aerodynamics not currently seen in most road cars
  • Smaller, purer, mid-engine car design


There were no details as to when the exact date for the car to be revealed or released for the public. With the sketch a bit dark to determine the full details of this new sports car that he teased to make, people are getting more and more curious about the details they are going to get.

Dubbed as the “iStream superlight” vehicle, this will be 50% lighter in comparison to a car made out of stamped metal. However, the company promises to make it more durable and rigid, even with its lightweight layout. The plan to create a new line of sports cars marks 50 years of Gordon Murray’s career in automotive design excellence.


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