Top Car Manufacturer Recalls Over A Million Luxury Cars

One of the most well-known sports car manufacturer has recently recalled over a million of their automotive products in the US because of malfunctions that might lead to their cars and SUVs catching on fire. They have even recommended that their existing customers still possessing the affected units to park outdoors to avoid mishaps at least until repairs were made.

Over the past months a lot of BMW patrons have reported that their cars caught on fire even if it was just parked and not turned on. If you look-up a report last May of this year at least more than 40 people were puzzled on this bizarre way their cars caught on fire.

The initial reaction of BMW was to dismiss the ‘isolated’ reports to be caused by poor owner maintenance or pest infestation. This month however, BMW has changed their stance and announce a recall of more than a million of their cars and SUVs products for repairs that eliminate the problems causing the fire risk.

The repairs will start on December 18 of this year and will be for two separate recalls. One is for BMW 3-Series 2006 to 2011 models and another is for a number of 6-cylinder engine models that came out from 2007 up to 2011.

The former group may have faulty wiring in the climate control blower fan, while the latter involves a potential issue in the heater ventilation valve. The company stated that although a lot of cars and SUVs will be included in the check/repair process, the actual number of affected cars will be relatively low. They also pointed out that the irregularities in the manufacturing process may be the main culprit in this rare mishap the company is now experiencing.

In today’s designs, cars with a lot of electronic and digital features are never really off. The engine may not be running but some of the electronic gadgetry may still be drawing power from the battery. In the case of BMW, a heater that prevents the valve from freezing during colder weathers is actually susceptible to overheat due to corrosion.

This is one of the biggest setbacks BMW ever has to face in the recent years.

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