Uber is Set To Reveal the Future Of Self-Driving Cars in 2017

When it comes to self-driving cars, there is nothing more dedicated than Uber. In fact, it is planning to release its next generation vehicles to be on the road before the end of 2017.

In 2016, it can be recalled that the self-driving cars of Uber has made their debut in Pittsburgh. Ever since, they were picking up passengers. However, current models need 1 or 2 car operators to run. One will be assigned to be on the driver’s seat, while the other will be on the passenger’s seat to monitor the map.

The sensors of the vehicle will be able to see through its sensors, which include pedestrians, other vehicles, and bikers. All these can be viewed via an iPad, which has been provided on the backseat.

In the new release though, an Uber hardware engineer admits that they are closer to having no operators at all. In fact, they will no longer require car operators in the future. Thus, when an Uber car rolls up, you can see that there will no longer be an operator or a driver, as the customer takes the ride.

At the same time, other relevant changes to the vehicle will be incorporated to it, but they are not revealed at the moment. According to one of its employees, the outside can look normal, but under the hood is what makes the difference. One of which is a set of higher resolution cameras.

This added resolution would enable the sensors to view more things farther, allowing the system to drive the vehicle more speedily. Moreover, the cameras will be able to have a better cleaning mechanism for inclement weather. So, it will be able to handle heavy rains, as well as certain types of contamination that gets on the cameras.

Basically, the model will have limited space in the truck, as there will be computer equipment onboard. However, Uber explains that there will be full trunk space in the new version of this model. Thus, you will experience that you have a big open trunk wherein you can throw your luggage and jump into the car to rush your way to the airport.


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