Airbag Malfunction Costs Infiniti to Recall 2017-2018 QX30 Crossovers

A slight mishap in the airbag compartment of the new Infiniti QX30 Crossovers has led to the recall of the 2017-2018 models. According to Nissan North America, the poor grounding of its steering components caused the airbag in the driver’s side to deploy regardless of its condition.

As a result, this would injure the driver or probably lead the vehicle into a crash. The problem was determined by its supplier Daimler AG in September 2017. Thus, the company has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding this incident.

Around 17,507 cars are affected, based on the report submitted by Nissan. Car owners, however, will be notified regarding the problem and how to get it fixed on December 18.

During this incident, the airbag located on the driver’s side deploys the moment an electrostatic charge will happen. There were no incidents being reported on Infiniti vehicles so far, but the company wanted to make sure nothing like that would occur in the future.

The luxury vehicle line of Nissan reiterated that this decision to recall the vehicles was just a measure of precaution. This is because electrostatic charges can build up whenever the system is insufficiently grounded. Moreover, this can occur if the airbag clock spring will break, leading to the deployment of the airbag.

The Infiniti QX30 has a number of amazing features, including the Intelligent Cruise Control at full-speed range. This feature would adjust your speed when you encounter slowing traffic. This new model is also designed to navigate your way even when on busy streets or unfamiliar territory, now with the revolutionary Infiniti InTouch Navigation and Lane Guidance.

There are so many features more about the new car from Nissan. These include the Driver Mode Selector, which increases the fuel efficiency of your car via the Eco Mode. You can also utilize the Manual Mode to take advantage of paddle shifters. However, if you are fond of the performance boost feature, then you can go to the Sport Mode instead. The QX30 is available in standard, luxury, and luxury all-wheel drive models.

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