A (not-so) Surprise Debut of the 2019 Corvette ZR1 in Dubai

There will a debut this coming Sunday of arguably one of the best cars ever to have rolled out in the year 2017. This will be the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and it will come out for the public eye during the 2017 Dubai Motor Show. Coming out this late of the year is definitely an unexpected treat for all Chevrolet fans, which is another way for them to end this year with a bang. The reveal was first mentioned in some Dubai online forums that a new and exciting Corvette is coming out.

This new Chevrolet Corvette has a design feature that is commonly seen in racing cars, which minimizes the air resistance and takes advantage of the downdraft to increase the speed.

Chevrolet’s decision to do the reveal in Dubai instead of in US soil is actually a good marketing move, since now everyone will have already caught wind of the new sports car and will be talking about it non-stop until about after a week or two when Chevrolet will do another showcase of the Corvette ZR1 in Los Angeles, USA. Although it will be technically a ‘second official’ public appearance, everyone at home will have already been totally exploding with anticipation to not want to participate in the event.

One of the reasons why Corvette saw it fit to unveil an important product in Dubai is because the middle easterners just love their share of high-end, high-performing sports cars. They usually go for the one with the highest horsepower which is why it would made sense that they get to see some of the best products first too. Plus on November 12, Chevrolet will be celebrating its 65 years of presence in the desert paradise of Dubai as confirmed by local sources.

The production will start beginning January of next year and the units will roll out come fall of the same year. There will be brochures handed out by November 20 to facilitate the pre-ordering. With this good news comes a bit of bad news since the production of the 2018 models are cut short early to prepare the plants for this new model.


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