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All You Need To Know About the Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake

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If you thought that the Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake wouldn’t be a crowd favorite, then think again. Here are 5 things you ought to know about the latest wagon from Jaguar.

  1. It Looks Better Than The XF Sedan

You bet, it looks fresher than the sedan. Of course, the XF sedan was a good-looking, but it didn’t change a whole lot after it was reworked. The Sportbrake has a long roof, while the well-balanced sedan has a weight distribution tips slightly inclined frontward. With the Sportbrake’s roof and rear air suspension, it helps shift the bias onto the rear.

  1. It Can Carry More Stuff

You can say that the Sportbrake has lots of space for cargo or room behind to help you stretch out for a nap. In fact, it can carry a list of items you didn’t think possible. Such would include 194 pairs of athletic shoes, 6,500 tennis balls, 27,000 golf bolls, 215 rugby balls, or a 12-cu.ft. refrigerator.

  1. It Has A Gesture-Operated Sunshade

This feature might not yet be a popular option, but this is what separates the Jaguar from most cars. The driver or even the passenger in front can wave a hand near the rearview mirror. This automatically sends a signal to the system to open or close the sunblind.

  1. It Has Finally Arrived

You may not have thought a wagon that Jaguar built from the first-gen XF would be sold in the U.S. This is because Jaguar has not been categorized as a wagon-branded car manufacturer, which you can see in the likes of Mercedes-Benz or Volvo. Thus, a lot of people should be happy that the Sportbrake is finally here to the U.S. by storm.

  1. It Will Take Care Of Itself

You should consider the XF Sportbrake to be a smash hit after it will have sales of 800-1,000 cars in a year. However, it might not be that big, considering the U.S. market. The uptake though is that a small cluster of buyers should build the brand, instead of just sales success. Therefore, the new wagon would suggest that Jaguar would take care of the old school, reasserting itself for the luxury car buyers in the U.S.

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