The Volvo XC60 as the Safest Car in the World?

Being dubbed ‘the safest car in the world’ is no small feat especially that Volvo is known for coming up with the safest cars in the industry. In fact, their announcement of this new offering at the first quarter of this year came complete with a crash test video. This is so that mainstream customers can see for themselves how the new Volvo XC60 will behave during accidents.

Here’s how Volvo ensures driver and passengers are highly protected when riding the XC60:

  • Steering Assist – as the newest addition to the City Safety system, this feature helps alleviate collisions during head-on and lane-changes. It can apply the proper steering automatically so that the car avoids any potential collision.
  • Pilot Assist – helps the driver with acceleration, steering and braking as long as the speed is within 80 mph. This is a great feature for city highways and other well-marked roads.

Just looking at these two safety features may convince you to purchase the new XC60 right away. No wonder it was the bestselling car from Volvo back when it was first launched and remains so in its line in Europe. But wait, there are more reasons why you’ll love the Volvo XC60.

  • with clean, simple but elegant lines, you’ll find it more attractive than other cars in its class
  • from the rear door handle, you can find a clear-cut ridge that runs backwards which make it look more powerful
  • T-shaped running lights during daytime is still present along with the signature headlights

Now enough of the design shown outside, let’s check out what’s inside of the new Volvo XC60.

Since this year is Volvo’s 90th year as a car manufacturer, we can’t help but remember the first model sold where it had a 1.9-litre side-valve engine with wooden spokes on its wheels. The color used to be a combination of navy blue with black on its bumpers. Today, all units of the XC60 comes with 2-litre, 4-cylinder units with diesel and petrol options. They’re also equipped with boosting and advanced injection technology to ensure its efficiency remain high.

The only hybrid in the lineup though comes with a rear drive of 87bhp and turbo front drive of 320bhp. Its T8 “Twin Engine” plug-in is a big hit, letting passengers feel its smoothness on city roads and transforming into some wild moves on rough roads.


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