5 Ferraris that are Amazing for Mods and Custom Building

Most, if not all Ferrari cars are amazing for modifications since they will always be a magnet to look out on the road. We feature below some custom built ones with limited release from the company while some are favorites by Ferrari enthusiasts for mods and pimping even if they’re mass produced.

The Ferrari 458 Italia

A mid-engined V8 sports car, it is the successor of the F430 and designed by Pininfarina. There are many inspirations from Formula 1, most notable are the front winglets and vents that increases downforce. The steering wheel, with different controls on it is another design inspired from Formula 1.

Justin Beiber famously lost his custom built blue Ferrari 458 Italia in one of his LA night outs and took 3 weeks for his assistant to track it down.

The F12 Berlinetta

You probably haven’t heard about this car yet, but it is arguably the most outstanding and sexiest custom jobs you can ever have for a Ferrari. You can say that the metal-melting aria in the operatic engine is priceless. It has a 730hp, 6.3-liter V12 engine. Well, it is one of the most comfortable cars you get from Ferrari even before you mod it.

The 599 GTB Fiorano F1

The rear and front section, you expect amazing with its ceramic brakes, yellow brake calipers, upgraded F1 gearbox, and wing shields. If you thought the Ferrari is only available in bright red, then think again. This one is available in metallic black. You still need $140,000 to own this Ferrari, even if it is not the priciest in the list.

The 599 GTB Fiorano

Who doesn’t fall in love with a Ferrari? But, this one makes you crazier with its new carbon fiber scoops and inlets, new diffuser, new set of tires, and new splitter. Its interior is equally amazing, to go along with its 6-speed manual transmission system. You need $189,888 to buy this car and make it your own custom-built Ferrari.

The Enzo ZXX

The car you thought was only seen in movies diving straight into the Atlantic is here to amaze you. The tragic history of the Enzo ZXX has made this model what you see today. It went to some modifications and final touches. In fact, before it crashed, it had 180 additional hp onto it. Zahir Rana, ZR Auto owner, promised to give it a new life with a new speed. Thus, he added some 110hp to it, resulting to the ZXX’s new custom look and performance.   It costs around $3 million and it is indeed a masterpiece.


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