Top 5 Best Secondhand American Cars for Petrolheads

Ford Ranger

This car might not be as refined as its nearest comparison the Toyota Tacoma. However, when it comes to secondhand cars, the Ranger can be more affordable. In addition, if you want to save more on fuel, you need to aim for the smaller available V6s. However, if you need to replace some parts, it is advisable to get them directly from Ford, as they will be cheaper there.

Mini Cooper

If you need an entertaining ride that is fairly refined and sporty, then the Mini Cooper is an easy choice. However, you might get some issues as the engine gets older. If you want to buy a used Mini Cooper, then you need to choose newer editions with lower mileage. Simply avoid car model released before 2007, because they have timing chain issues, as well as rattling plastics on its interior.

Ford Escort/ Chevy Cavalier

You may not like these choices if you are in for a thrill ride. However, the mechanics will surely consider them as you won’t find any problem as they just keep going and going. Moreover, the parts are cheap that everyone can afford. Despite the rattling sound on the interior can be bothersome at times, it can give you a good ride. Remember, you are considering cheaper models that stay on the road, nothing more.

Chevrolet Cruze 

The Chevrolet Cruze belongs to the small and inexpensive car category. It even came in with the latest technology and comfort features. A lot of people like it because it is comfortable to drive, provides competent handling, and has a roomy trunk for its size. Most of all, it is American-made, which offers turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Honda Accord Euro R

The Accord Euro R is the smaller version of the North American Accord which is a larger model. Although it is being manufactured in Japan, it ranks fifth based on the Kogod index. The Accord Euro also competes with Ford Mondeo, Audi A4, Toyota Camry among others, and is considered the one of the best-selling sedans in the US. If you like to get the best secondhand ride without spending too much, the Accord Euro R is a good option.

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