Skoda Electric Vehicles will Become a Reality by 2020

Skoda has decided to start producing electric vehicles by the beginning of the year 2020 and to manufacture electric components. The Czech-based company will manufacture electric components for several hybrid car models of several brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group. According to their official statement, in 2019 the first electric model will be launched and it will be a plug-in hybrid.

Electric vehicles by Skoda

It seems that Tesla is not the only company thinking about the future of transportation, Skoda will produce electric models at the Mlada Boleslav site and in 2019 the manufacturing of component for the plug-in hybrid will also start.

This is huge news as it means that the future will be an electric one. For bad or for worse, Skoda’s CEO Bernanrd Maier announced that the company’s future is electric. By 2025, Skoda will offer five electrical cars and the first all-electric model will be built in the Czech Republic.

The fact that the first electric vehicle by Skoda will be built in the Czech Republic is a subliminal message saying that the company is very confident in its workforce.

Electrical components

By 2019, Skoda plans to produce component for plug-in models of different Volkswagen brands. The first electric car will be known as the Superb plug-in hybrid. The process will take place at the Kvasiny plant production line. After the first electric model is released, the CEO’s plan is to produce a purely electric model in 2020.

Another ambition of the famous Czech brand is to bring a low cost car into the Indian market, based on a modified platform of the MQB A0.

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV)

Motor vehicles which can be recharged using wall sockets or other external sources of energy are known as PEV. Lug-in electric vehicles are a subcategory of electric or battery electric vehicles (BEV).

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