2020 Karma Revero Spotted Out in the Wild

The first time we got to lay our eyes upon Fisker Karma was back in 2012. This vehicle was supposed to extend the range of electric sedans that customers can pick from but unfortunately, the car was taken out of production in the same year. However, it seems like the car’s design was so beautiful that the auto vehicle manufacturer known as Karma decided to use it on a new model.

The Karma Brand

While most people automatically think of Tesla when they hear the term “electric car”, there are many other companies which can go toe to toe with Tesla. Karma is the best example of that. This company uses parts from a Chinese supplier known as Wanxiang and considering that Wanxiang bought the rights to use Fisker Karma’s design back in 2014, no one should be shocked to find out that the new 2020 Karma model is going to sport the same sleek design.

Karma Revero

The electric car manufacturer has been trying for a long time to turn the Fisker sedan into a Revero. However, it seems like now Karma has exactly what it needs to achieve that. According to numerous reports, Karma has already moved the production for the new Revero to a brand-new plant that’s located in Moreno Valley, California.

Revero Prototypes Leaked

While Karma is doing its best to not unveil what the upcoming Revero model will look like, someone managed to get a hold of some prototype pictures. These pictures show us that Revero will indeed borrow the design used on Fikser, but there will be some differences. Revero will sport a revamped Fisker design which means that the lights are going to be tweaked just like the fascias at both ends.

Engine Power

Regarding power, Revero will use an extended-range electric setup that’s made from a 2.0-liter inline-4 sourced from General Motors which will power up the car’s 21.4-kilowatt-hour battery. Revero will be quite powerful since the power of these engines amounts to 403 horsepower.

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