McLaren 720S Breaks Quarter Mile Record on ET ATCO Raceway

Mclaren 720S

McLaren is renowned throughout the world for creating some of the fastest cars ever made! More than that, McLaren loves to take things to the next level and to push engines to the max while destroying lap records at the same time. This is exactly what happened a couple of days ago when an expert driver managed to finish the extreme ET at ATCO Raceway in just 9.733 while driving a McLaren 720S.

McLaren 720S Breaks Quarter Mile Record

The driver managed to score the best time of 9.733 at 146.72mph on the ET track. We should mention that this wasn’t a fluke since the McLaren 720S was able to finish the second lap in 9.788 at 147.28mph and a third lap in 9.799 seconds at 146.50mph. This is an incredible feat, especially when considering that this is the fastest time someone managed to get on the ET track.

Weather Condition

Since we are talking about drag races, we need to present the weather details as well. The weather was in the 40-degree area. In terms of humidity, the weather was good with only a DA of -1100 feet.

The only thing that the McLaren driver was not able to do with the 720S was a proper burnout. As every drag racer knows, burnouts are necessary because they heat up the tires. Furthermore, the driver was forced to rely on tire heaters and a generator instead of doing burnouts between the runs.

McLaren Beats Every Car

The reason why McLaren 720S’ quarter mile record on ET is such an amazing feat is that it beats all other brands. Numerous other cars such as LaFerrari, Bugatti and even Porsche 918 Spyder tried their best on ET, but they couldn’t come close to what McLaren 720S achieved.

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