Tesla Unveils Price for New Semi Truck and its Affordable!

Tesla recently made headlines when it unveiled its brand-new truck a couple of days ago. The new semi looks futuristic and its mile range is outstanding but there’s one thing that Tesla “forgot” to reveal during the truck’s launch, its price! Luckily, we don’t have to speculate anymore since Tesla finally decided to show that its new truck is rather affordable, despite what everyone believes.

Price for New Semi Truck Revealed

The long-hauler is available in two variants and they cost $150,000 and $180,000. The $150,000 model can go 300 miles with one charge while the more expensive $180,000 variant features a 500-mile range.

Even though the truck’s price might not be that small, it’s quite affordable in comparison with what everyone was expecting it to cost. For example, the MIT Technology Review which specializes in all-electric vehicles estimated that Tesla’s new truck will cost somewhere around $400,000.

Tesla’s New Truck Saves $200,000 in Fuel Costs

The best thing about the new truck is the fact that Tesla guarantees that it will save owners up to $200,000 in fuel costs during its entire lifespan. Traditional long-haul trucks are priced around $120,000 and they require up to $70,000 of diesel fuel per year. This statistic is not something that Tesla made up because its provided by Engs Commercial Finance.

Production will Start in 2019

The only bad news that Tesla has for us is that it doesn’t plan to start mass producing the truck anytime soon. Tesla confirmed that interested customers are going to be able to purchase the new truck starting in 2019. We don’t know why Tesla is taking so long, but the main theory is that Elon Musk is waiting for newer battery technology.

Nonetheless, we should also mention that the reason why Tesla is able to list up to truck for only $150,000 is because the battery pack costs have dropped significantly. The huge surge of demand for all-electric devices dropped the price of battery packs from $1,000 in 2010 to $230 in 2016.

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