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5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Car in the Winter

Winter is almost here and while most people are excited about the holiday season, this is also the most dreaded time for drivers. Driving on snow is quite difficult since the tires slide every time someone pushes the brake and cold temperatures cause major issues that drivers must deal with. Luckily, careful drivers can prepare their cars for winter and avoid these issues. With that said, here are 5 tips to help you maintain your car during the winter season.

Antifreeze Liquid

The first advice that we need to give drivers so that they can prepare themselves for winter is to load up on antifreeze liquid. Most people usually mix water with their antifreeze liquid so that it can get diluted. However, this will cause the engine to overheat and no one wants that. Therefore, fill up the engine coolant with high quality antifreeze.

Opening Frozen Locks

One of the most annoying things that drivers need to deal with during winter are frozen locks. This happens to almost every car but fortunately, frozen locks can be simply warmed up with a lighter. The lighter will melt the ice that’s stuck inside the lock and the flame won’t be too powerful so it won’t damage anything.

Running the Engine

The best thing that drivers can do in order to avoid engine damage during cold temperatures is to run it for around 10 minutes before driving off. Every driver should make a habit out of doing this every morning.

Special Screenwash

Another great tip we can dive to drivers is to make sure to purchase screenwash that doesn’t freeze in cold temperatures. There are many suitable screenwash liquids that will not freeze in below 10 degrees weather and they are quite affordable.

Window Cracks

Drivers should always make sure to check for cracks in their windows or lights and fix them before winter comes. Glass cracks freeze during winter and they get worse as time goes on. Therefore, repairing them while the weather is still okay is a wise decision.

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