Kia Pro Cee’d is Being Replaced by Four New SUV Models

Kia is making some of the most amazing cars nowadays, at least in terms of design. Just take Kia Pro Cee’d for example. The three-door hatchback looks like it’s taken straight out of Sci-Fi movie. Sadly, despite its sleek design, Kia announced that it plans on shutting off the Pro Cee’d hatchback line in favor of a new SUV variant.

Kia Pro Cee’d Hatchback Killed Off

The reason why Kia is killing off the fabulous three-door hatchback is that customers are more interested in SUVs. The SUV market is constantly expanding and vehicle manufacturers such as Kia are taking notice of that.

An official Kia spokesperson announced that the company plans to release four new SUV variants of Pro Cee’d and that they will be launched both in Europe and the US. The new SUV models that Kia is getting ready to launch are going to compete directly against other top-end vehicles such as Seat Ateca and Nishan Qashqai.

New Kia SUV

Even though the SUV is scheduled to come out in early 2018, the prototype model has already been spotted. There are many photos which show different angles of Kia’s new SUV and all of them show an all-new design that’s equipped with a pair of sleek headlights and an “aggressive looking” front grille.

Under the Hood

Since we are talking about an SUV, its design doesn’t matter that much in comparison with what lies beneath the hood. Therefore, the new SUV will be available in a wide range of turbocharged gas and diesel engines. In terms of power, Kia said that there won’t be any high-performance Pro Cee’d models and that all of them will excel when it comes to autonomy. Although, there will still be a special GT model.

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