Top Easter Eggs and Unexpected Surprises from the 2017 LA Auto Show

During popular auto shows such as the one which was recently hosted in LA, all major car companies come and unveil their latest vehicles and technologies. Considering how much attention people pay to these type of events, no one should be shocked to find out that car manufacturers also love to drop Easter eggs and unexpected surprises.

Pink BMW

BMW cars are usually known for looking “aggressive” and most of the time they ship in only grey, black and white colors. However, it seems like BMW is testing out some new colors since the German manufacturer revealed the new M4 in a bright purple color. Let’s hope that BMW sticks to this and starts adding more flavor to its cars.

Mitsubishi “Re-Model A”

One of the most intriguing cars that were unveiled during the LA Auto Show is Re-Model A. This car is the result of the collaboration between Mitsubishi and West Customs. Nonetheless, the car features a drivetrain and platform that’s borrowed from an Outlander PHEV SUV and when it comes to design, the Re-Model A looks identical to Mitsubishi’s retro 1917 Model A.

Things get even more interesting since the car is also equipped with five-bolt wheels that are inspired by the 1939 Mercedes Benz L6500 Pritschenwagen which can be seen in the Mercedes Benz Museum from Stuttgart.

Nissan X-Wing

The folks at Nissan are huge Star Wars fans and they are taking design cues from the movie franchise. The Japanese car manufacturer took one of its Rogue Sport and equipped with the classic “X-Wing” jet look from the Star Wars movie. From the looks of it, Nissan is celebrating last year’s “Star Wars: Rogue One” movie since it was filled with X-Wing jets and also because it sports the same name as the car.

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