Henrik Fisker’s The Orbit Will Change the Future of Mobility

Henrik Fisker, the man behind some of the world’s most amazing looking cars is known for always working on new projects. In fact, the legendary car designer recently unveiled an official concept picture of his latest project, the Orbit. One week ago, Henrik Fisker grabbed everyone’s interest when he posted a cropped picture of his upcoming product on Twitter.

The Orbit Concept Picture

Fortunately for us and other curious fans, Henrik Fisker decided to unveil the entire picture and show off the Orbit’s innovative design. In addition, this is what the car designer had to say about his new project: “An exciting Fisker product in a whole new segment is coming soon. The future of mobility will change forever.”

Transportation Pod

Considering that Henrik Fisker is saying that the weird-looking vehicle we are seeing in this picture is going to change the future of mobility, we can’t help ourselves from wondering what it actually is? From what we can tell, the Orbit might not actually be a car. The Orbit looks more like a transportation pod instead of a car and its “Next Stop” and “Departure in 3 minutes” messages make it look like some sort of public transportation system.


The Orbit looks like something that we might see in famous Sci-Fi movies like Total Recall. While the one-box shape might seem a little bit weird, we think its actually a good thing because it maximizes interior space.

Autonomous Technology and Launch Date

In First off, Henrik Fisker says that his upcoming vehicle is specially designed for “smart cities” and that it’s expected to be released in October 2019. This means that Henrik Fisker is going to unveil additional information about the weird-looking vehicle in the upcoming future. Nonetheless, the Orbit is expected to feature autonomous driving technology which makes sense when considering how futuristic this vehicle looks.

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