Land Rover Defender 2019 Model to Feature Polarizing Design and High-End Technology

Land Rover Defender holds a special place in every car lover’s heart but sadly, the model is being canceled, at least for now. However, this doesn’t mean that Land Rover is never going to release a new Defender model in the upcoming future. In fact, Land Rover announced that fans can expect a new model to be unveiled during next year.

New Land Rover Defender Model

The reason why Land Rover wants to reimagine the Defender lineup during next year is because that’s when the SUV celebrates its 70th birthday. Even though Land Rover is bragging about its upcoming Defender model, we can be sure that its going to look very similar to what we’re already used to.

Gerry McGovern who is the Head of Design at Land Rover said the following about next year’s Land Rover Defender: “the new SUV will be the backbone of the Land Rover brand”. Luckily, that’s not all that Gerry McGovern said because he also mentioned that the upcoming model will keep true to today’s technology. Therefore, we can expect the new car to ship with amazing sensors and in-door navigation system.

2019 Land Rover Polarizing Design

Although, we need to make it clear that Land Rover is not looking to ruin the Defender line by equipping it with too many tech specs. Gerry McGovern also made sure to let everyone know that next year Defender’s design will be polarizing and that it won’t stick to the “utilitarian” style of the already existing model.

Successful Brand

While some might wonder why is Land Rover even considering launching a new model of a 70-year-old car, McGovern made sure to clear this confusion up by announcing that Defender sold over two million units during its lifetime. This is an impressive feat and just as an example, the highly popular Evoque sold only 700,000 units for 6 years. Therefore, Land Rover is looking to make some profits with the new model and not just to delight its older fans.

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