Tesla’s Supercharger Network Might Cause it to go Bankrupt

We think it’s safe to say that there is no other car company that’s getting so much media coverage as Tesla. Even though this might seem unfair to other brands, no one can say that Tesla is not worth all the attention its receiving. The company recently unveiled its new all-electric semi-truck and the company is flooded with pre-orders.

However, what many might not know is that there is a big downside to Tesla’s upcoming semi-truck. The problem that customers need to take in consideration before deciding to drop a couple hundred thousand dollars on the new truck is the fact that Tesla might not be able to finish its mega chargers network.

Mega Chargers Network

Right now, Tesla’s cars are being charged with superchargers. This system works flawlessly but there’s a catch. The problem with Tesla’s new semi-truck is that unlike the company’s already launched vehicles, the semi-truck will need to charge on the road and not in the owner’s garage.

Therefore, Tesla promised to create a brand-new network filled with mega chargers which are spread all over the US.  Considering that we are talking about big trucks, people will need to wait days on end for them to charge through classic 220-volt outlets. In order to save precious time, these trucks need to be plugged in mega chargers which are going to get the job done in only a couple of hours.

Economical Value

While Tesla is more than capable of creating these special chargers and to spread them all over the country, there is still one problem that people keep forgetting about. Tesla promised that it will charge 7 cents per kilowatt hour in all charging stations. This might prove to be quite problematic since the electric cost for industrial users is 7.25 per kilowatt hour. With that said, Tesla needs to find a solution to this problem so that it can keep true to it promise while not going bankrupt at the same time.

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