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Land Rover Lead Designer Hints Towards New Coupe Range Rover Model

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Land Rover hit the jackpot when it created the design for Range Rover. The reason we are saying this is because Range Rover is one of the most successful SUVs ever made and the car manufacturer is generating huge profits because of that. However, what many might not know is that Land Rover was initially planning to release a completely different car instead of the famous Range Rover.

Range Rover Sport

Back in 2004, Land Rover attended the Detroit Motor Show and unveiled Range Rover Sport. The SUV’s design looked muscular and sporty which grabbed everyone’s attention. However, the feature that impressed everyone the most was the car’s two-door coupe design. Land Rover never created a coupe SUV before and the entire world waited for Range Rover Sport to be launched, but sadly this never happened.

Coupe Range Rover

Now that more than a decade has passed since then, Gerry McGovern who is the lead designer at Land Rover started hinting towards the fact that a two-door Range Rover model might come out during the upcoming future. This is what Gerry McGover had to say about the new line of Range Rover: “The new car will become more tailored, bespoke, refined and luxurious”.

The lead designer also said that Range Rover fans should get ready to see more SVO cars during the next year. In fact, this is exactly what Gerry McGovern said about the new SVO lineup: “The good thing with SVO is that it’s a self-funding business so there are opportunities within SVO that don’t necessarily have to be mainstream and small volume”.

Coupe SVO (Special Vehicle Operations)

From what we can tell, Gerry McGovern may be planning to create a brand-new coupe SVO. Even though we don’t have that many details about the new car right now, we can be sure that Land Rover or Gerry McGovern will unveil additional information during the not so far away future. In addition, the coupe SVO will be pretty expensive since the lead designer said that it will be an exclusive product.

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