Why Maserati’s Cars Are Not Reliable?

Maserati is renowned throughout the world for always creating luxurious and lightning-fast cars. Customers always need pay top dollar for these cars and obviously, they expect nothing but the best in return. Truth be told, Maserati cars look incredibly good and their engines always crash quarter miles races but there’s a downside to them, they are not reliable.

Fast But, Not Reliable

Yes, Maserati cars are fast but did you know that they were named one of the most unreliable brands back in 2015? This is a bad title to win but things get even worse since Maserati won this title once again in 2016. The WarrantyDirect made a survey which included 36 brands and Maserati came out on the last place.

Maserati Ghibli

One of the most successful car lineups that Maserati ever made is the Ghibli one. What’s interesting is that despite the car’s success, owner reviews are always mixed. Some are praising Ghibli for being fast and for looking amazing while other owners are complaining about the fact that Ghibli’s battery drains quickly and that their brakes cause unexpected problems.

Why are Maserati Cars So Unreliable?

The problem that most people have with Maserati is that they don’t understand how can a company ask for so much money and then deliver such a weak product. As previously mentioned, customers who are willing to pay top dollar for a supercar want something superior in return.

The first problem that most Maserati owners are faced with is the fact that car parts are rare, thus making the repair cost more expensive than usual. Another annoying issue that Maserati owners need to deal with is the fact that their ultra-luxurious require expert engineers to repair them and they also charge a higher rate than normal mechanics.

Therefore, Maserati is not a brand for everyone. The only people who should consider buying a Maserati are the ones who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on repair costs every other month. Nonetheless, Maserati needs to step up its game if it wants to keep competing against the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini who are doing a much better job.

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  1. Most people I know that have a lot of money didn’t get it by being stupid.
    Pretenders are!
    Maserati would sell more expensive cars even at a higher price when used if they made stronger parts like other makers do. A stronger part like a clutch doesn’t cost any more than a weaker one to make, ask Toyota or Honda since theirs are good for 250,000 miles or more. Having weak and hard to get parts does not make a car worth more, only less.
    Just think of a Maserati with its great looks lasting as long as a Honda or Toyota.
    Remember all the other things offered on a Maserati are all offered and just as good on all cars now and are as common as a speedometer.
    I would like to have one for its looks, but common business sense says no due to maintenance.

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