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Cheapest Car to Insure in US

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The market was flooded with new cars during this year. Some of them are sedans, others are SUVs but the thing they all have in common is that they all are expensive. Therefore, people should not rush into buying a new car and first make sure that they are choosing the right vehicle for their budget. More than that, most people tend to forget how important insurance is and that its price depends on the acquired vehicle.

Cheapest Car to Insure

Right from the start, we need to mention that Ford Edge holds the title of being the cheapest car to insure in the US. Insurance companies charge an average $1,128 per year for average drivers that have a clean driving history. This means that Ford Edge owners will need to pay only $95 per month and this is not a bad price, especially when considering that we are talking about an SUV.

Ford Edge

Usually, SUVs are quite expensive when it comes to auto insurance payment. However, this is not the case with Ford EDGE. Although, this does not mean that Ford Edge doesn’t fit in the premium class since it features a spectacular design and powerful engine.

What Makes an Auto Insurance Expensive?

Obviously, choosing an affordable car is going to reduce the monthly payments on your auto insurance. However, there are many other factors that people need to take in consideration. For example, all insurance companies take in account information such as the driver’s age, record, occupation and even credit history in order to determine a correct price.

Safety Driver Course

One of the best things that people can do to lower their insurance monthly payments is to take a safety driver course. People who complete one of these courses will receive a significant discount that goes from 5% up to 20%.

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