Discussion: Why Cars Manufacturer Built Dull and Boring Cars Instead Building Beautiful and Exciting Ones

Remember the days of glory when our grandparents bought a car and kept it for more than 50 years? This never happens today. Want to know why? Well, it’s quite simple, car manufacturers and designers don’t care about cool looking designs anymore. Their goal is to create a car that sells, and that’s it.

Although, I am not saying that there aren’t anymore beautiful cars. Expensive brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari keep launching cars that leave everyone in awe with their sleek designs and incredibly powerful engines. However, these cars are really expensive and most people can’t even imagine ever owning one.

Bubble Cars and Modification

This begs the question, why are entry-level cars so dull? Just look at the Toyota Yaris or at Datsun Go. These two feature a bubble design that make it impossible for people who are passionate about their cars to modify them. The culture of gearheads, speed junkies and modders is slowly passing away because they can’t do anything to these entry-level cars.

The Culture of Modders

People used to fall in love with their cars, even though they weren’t expensive supercars. Cars were passed down from generation to generation and people would try to make them look better by adding facelifts or to make them run faster by tweaking out the engine. The old Mustangs, Pontiacs and Toyota Supra are the perfect example.

These people knew that they would never be able to afford a high-end Bentley, so they made their cars better with every paycheck they got. Sadly, this is not possible with “bubble” cars. Their design simply doesn’t allow people to modify anything.

Vicious Circle

The reason why car manufacturers are not focusing on affordable vehicles anymore is because people buy anything that’s affordable and sell it away in a couple of years. This causes a vicious circle where car manufacturers see that their lower-end vehicles are selling well and that’s only because customers can’t afford to buy anything better.

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