Lyft’s First Self-driving Car Pilot Rolls Out in Boston

The evolution of technology is a fact that cannot be denied, as reality begins to look more and more like SF movies. And if we take a look at Lyft, it is not hard to see why. The company took a major step after it announced that its first self-driving car pilot will begin to roll out in Boston. Lyft made a partnership with nuTonomy and it will use its self-driving cars.

When will the project become available?

A new announcement has been posted on the nuTonomy site and we were informed that riders from Boston’s Seaport district were already able to try out self-driving rides and based on the evolution of the pilot, passengers from that district will begin to be matched with self- driving vehicles.

The future of transportation

While companies like Lyft and Uber still need a lot of work until self-driving cars will become available everywhere, the process has already started. You might spot cars with cameras on top which collect data on the city.

“Our partnership with Lyft has two goals.  First, we want to let members of the public experience driverless vehicles firsthand, so they can better understand the impact this new technology will have on their lives. Second, based on feedback from pilot participants, nuTonomy’s engineers will adapt and improve our system, so that we can deliver an autonomous transportation experience that is extremely safe, efficient, and comfortable,” the announcement wrote.

Huge investments are made for these companies and nuTonomy was purchased for $400 million back in October this year. Lyft also came with some additional financing worth $500 million. With these funds it is not surprising that technology is able to evolve so fast and we should not be surprised is self-driving cars become a regular thing.


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