Battle between Gasoline Power, Hybrid Power and Electric Power Vehicle? – Which one is Better?

The entire world is left in shock after the UK announced that it plans to completely remove petrol and diesel cars from the market starting 2040. We can be sure that other countries are going to follow in UK’s steps, including the US. The question that sits in everyone’s minds right now is, what type of cars will we be able to purchase?

Pure Diesel and Pure Petrol Cars to be Banned

The answer to the previous question is quite simple, people are still going to be able to purchase amazing cars, but the catch is that they will be hybrid or fully electric. The only cars that are going to be banned are pure diesel and petrol ones. This is not such a bad thing, especially when considering that the market is dying already and that those engines are hurting the environment.

Gasoline, Hybrid or Electric Power?

The only problem that people are going to have to deal with is choosing between gasoline, hybrid or electric powered vehicles. While it might be hard to tell which one is better right now, we can be sure that all-electric engines are going to dominate the market until then and we are going to explain why right now.

All-Electric Cars

Tesla is the perfect example of why all-electric cars will be the best choice in 2040. Considering that Tesla’s vehicles are still new to the market, it’s quite amazing that they are selling faster than Ferraris, BMWs or Mercedes Benzes. The reason why these electric cars are so sought after is because they offer impressive performances, look amazing and because they are surprisingly affordable.

Technology is evolving constantly and we can’t even imagine how well electric engines are going to perform in 2040. The only thing we can know for sure is that all-electric car owners will have an easier time charging them since governments are going to spread special power outlets all over the world.

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