Spyshot Mazda RX-9 Testing in Germany

The internet has been going crazy with rumors about the upcoming Mazda RX-9 but sadly, nothing was ever confirmed. However, things are starting to look good for car enthusiasts since the first test mule for RX-9 has been spotted out in the wild and it looks, different to say the least.

2019 Mazda RX-9

First off, we have to admit that we are happy to find out that RX-9 is not a rumor and that it’s actually going to hit the roads in the upcoming future. Secondly, the bad news is that the first model of RX-9 looks kind of bad. While the car is being tested for its engine performance right now, it seems like the engineers forgot to give it a sleek design.

Weird Design

While the new RX-9 might not be an ugly car by any means, it kind of pales in comparison with the likes of TT RS and Porsche 718 Cayman, which are its two biggest competitors. The weird part about RX-9’s design is its fender inserts. Nonetheless, this is just a prototype and we’re probably going to see a better looking model in the not so far away future.

Engine Power

For a long time, rumors were pointing out that Mazda’s new car will be fueled by a 1.6-liter two-rotor turbo engine that’s accompanied by an electric motor. The engine is also said to put out 450 horsepower. Let’s hope these rumors are proven to be true because it will make RX-9 one of the fastest “affordable” cars to ever hit the market.

RX Vision Performance

When asked about RX-9, the leading engineers at Mazda said that their goal is to make it as like RX Vision as they can. This is great news for Mazda fans since RX Vision is a beautiful car.

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