Tesla’s Crisis Might Come To An End – Anheuser-Busch Ordered 40 Semi-Trucks

The famous Missouri-based brewing company has announced that, by 2025, it has a strategic plan to reduce carbon emissions hopefully by 30-35%.  This ambitious project of reducing carbon emissions will be put into practice by acquiring 40 Tesla semi-trucks.

Anheuser-Busch wants to reform its supply chain

According to James Sembrot, head of logistics strategy for the Budweiser-brewer, has declared that a main goal for the company is to find new ways to make their supply chain more efficient and sustainable. Using Tesla’s new electric semi-trucks, Anheuser-Busch hopes to achieve their ambitious goal by lowering their environmental impact and contributing to road safety.

Tesla will be busy for a while

If this year the profits of the famous electric car manufacturing company have not been as high as previous ones, it seems that things are finally turning for the better. Apart from Anheuser-Bush, other companies have placed orders for the new electric truck. The new electric semi-trucks will be available in 2019 and Walmart, for example, has ordered 15 of them. J.B Hunt has also declared that it had ordered several Tesla electric trucks.

How much for a new Tesla semi-truck

Those who wish to buy one have to offer a minimum of 20,000 $ deposit and the truck has an expected base price of 15,000$. The electric semi-truck has a 300-mile driving range. There is also the option of 500 miles on a charge and the expected base price is of 180,000$.

The special “Founders Series” trucks have a spicier price and companies would have to pay the full 200,000 $ price up front.

Tesla claims that in just two years, the money saved from buying fuel will make up for the purchase price of the new electric semi-trucks.

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