Hennessey Performance Exorcist Camaro vs. Dodge Challenger Demon – A Drag Racer’s Delight

These past couple of weeks have been amazing for car enthusiasts, especially for muscle car fans since Dodge unveiled its 840 horsepower Challenger Demon while Hennessey Performance Exorcist Camaro came out guns blazing with its 1,000 horsepower engine. These two vehicles show what muscle cars are all about, but which one is better?

Close Race

Even though the two cars have been recently unveiled, we already know that Doge Demon will be able to crash quarter-mile races in 9.65 seconds while John Hennessey guarantees that the Exorcist will go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds and also finish quarter mile races in less than 10 seconds. This means that the two muscle cars are in for a close race.

Drag Race Optimization

Neither Doge nor Hennessey Performance are keeping a secret the fact that their brand-new cars are optimized for drag races. Although, this was to be expected since muscle cars are known for being amazing when it comes to launch power.

What’s interesting is that Hennessey doesn’t shy away from claiming that the Exorcist is way more powerful than Dodge. The reason why this is interesting is because while Dodge’s performance numbers might be SAE-certified, Hennessey is claiming that they are not optimized.

Key Features

We also need to mention that Dodge equipped Challenger Demon with a handful of key features such as the transmission brake which aids drivers in their hard launches. While this might sound like some groundbreaking feature, it will actually help drivers shave off a couple of seconds from their lap times.

Design Differences

The biggest difference between these latest muscle cars is their transmission systems. The Exorcist will sport a six-speed manual transmission while the Challenger Demon will be equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Therefore, the Exorcist will appeal more to drag racers since it gives them the option to accelerate faster. We’ll just have to wait for the two cars to be officially made available for purchase so that we can see how they fare against each other when they are put on the same track.

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  1. Fake news .. do the same to the dodge as to the camaro and lets race. ie THE EXORCIST Upgrade Includes
    • High-flow Supercharger System
    • Custom HPE Camshaft
    • Ported Cylinder Heads
    • Upgraded Valve Springs and Retainers
    • Upgraded Intake valves & Exhaust Valves
    • Upgraded Lifters and Pushrods
    • High Flow Intercooling System
    • Intercooler Heat Exchanger Upgrade
    • Long-tube Stainless Steel Headers
    • Stainless Steel Midpipes
    • High Flow Catalytic Converters
    • All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
    • Professional Installation
    • HPE Engine Management Calibration
    • Dyno Tuning & Road Testing

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