Reigning Formula E Champion Reveals that Driving in this Format is Super Difficult

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Every kid that loves playing with cars dreams about becoming a Formula 1 driver. In fact, this doesn’t stop with kids since most gearheads and car fans believe that Formula 1 drivers are living the dream. Although, this is not as easy as it might seem. Lucas Di Grassi who is the reigning Formula E champion recently went on an interview and that’s where he shed some light about how it feels to drive supercars for brands like Audi and Ferrari.

Formula E

As previously mentioned, Lucas Di Grassi is the current champion in the Formula E division. This is what he had to say about the division: “Formula E is by far, not the fastest car I’ve ever driver. Nor is it the most powerful. Nor does it have the most downforce, or grip”.

Even though Lucas Di Grassi is making it seem like he is riding around in a Toyota, this is not the case. The new Formula E season started last weekend in Hong Kong and drivers are racing against each other in 240bhp lightweight electric vehicles.

Top-Notch Driving Skills

While Formula 1 drivers are regarded for being the best in the world, Lucas Di Grassi made it clear that driving in Formula E is even more difficult. Despite the fact that Formula E vehicles are slower than Formula 1, the drivers need to always be on their A-game in order to win.

Risky Business

“First, the format of the championship makes It difficult. It’s only run on street tracks, so you run between concrete walls. If you have a mistake and touch the wall, that’s your weekend over. It’s like racing in Monaco, but all the time” says Lucas Di Grassi.

From the looks of it, Formula E drivers need to always be at their best because one slip up might cause them to hit a wall. Nonetheless, this just shows us how hard it was for Lucas Di Grassi to become the reigning champion.

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