Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 vs. FJ60 – Which One is More Desirable?

Toyota makes some of the best SUVs and there’s no doubt about that. This is why some customers have a difficult time choosing between the famous Land Cruiser FJ40 and FJ60. Both SUVs look incredible in terms of design and they have a long history since Toyota stopped manufacturing both vehicles back in the 1980s.

Piece of History

While some might think that these 4×4 SUVs are too old to purchase, we have to disagree. Toyota’s FJ40 and FJ60 represent a piece of history but that’s not all, these 4X4 SUVs are also more than capable of running smoothly to this day.

In fact, there are many workshops which specialize in restoring Land Cruisers such as the FJ40 and FJ60. Therefore, people who choose to purchase a classic vehicle such as these will get to own a piece of history.


Truth be told, both Land Cruisers look amazing, but everyone already knew that. However, if we have to choose a winner in this department tit would have to be the FJ40. The reason we are saying this is because Toyota equipped FJ40 with a classic and timeless design which is never going to run out of style.

Engine Power

Since we are talking about 4×4 SUVs, Toyota FJ40 and FJ60’s engine power plays an important role in this comparison since it’s what gets them over rough terrain. The FJ40 is equipped with a 4X4 inline 6-cylinder front engine that comes in the 3.9-liter and 4.2-liter variants. The two engine variants offer 125 and 135 of horsepower.

On the other hand, FJ60 is also equipped with a 4X4 inline 6-cylinder front engine that but it only comes in the 4.2-liter OHV variant which puts out 135 horsepower.

Final Words

As we can clearly see, the two 4×4 SUVs are basically equaled when it comes to engine power. However, the FJ40 is definitely more desirable since its design looks so good. Moreover, it seems like Toyota set the blueprint for all future SUVs when it created this cool-looking design.

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