Volkswagen Jetta 2019 Teaser Shows Design Which Borrows Cues from Arteon and Phideon

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Volkswagen has created many successful car lineups over the years, but not all of them are as successful as Jetta. It seems like the German manufacturer struck gold when it designed this mid-ranged car since it has a reputation of being a best-seller. Furthermore, Volkswagen is scheduled to reveal the brand-new 2019 Jetta model at the one of the world’s biggest auto shows which will be hosted next month in Detroit.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta 2019 Teaser

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until January to see the new Jetta model since Volkswagen recently published a new teaser. The teaser shows us that the upcoming compact sedan looks amazing and that Volkswagen wasn’t afraid to take some design cues from its other vehicles such as Arteon and Phideon.

Stylish Design

The first thing that catches our eyes is the fact that 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has a different shape than what we’re used to. Although, this is not a bad thing by any means since it makes the car look sleeker and meaner. Truth be told, the new 2019 Jetta looks so much better than the model that it’s replacing.

We should also mention that the car’s interior is expected to be quite impressive. Even though the teaser doesn’t contain any pictures to prove that statement, numerous reports are showing that the next-generation Jetta will feature the latest evolution of the Group’s MQB architecture, which can also be spotted on the latest Golf model.

Engine Power

Volkswagen has yet to confirm what engines the new Jetta model will be available with. However, 2019 Jetta is expected to ship in a variety of engines such as the rumored 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder which is said to put out 150 horsepower. Nonetheless, the 2018 Detroit Auto Show will start on January 14th and that’s when Volkswagen will unveil additional information.

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